About us

The mobile phone has become the most pervasive Information and Communication Technology tool surpassing TV, radio and the personal computer. Many fascinating stories can be told about how this gadget has invaded our spaces in untold ways. 


To eradicate poverty through promoting usage of ICTs.


Zimobile connect Zimbabwean communities and players in the telecommunications industry by inspiring the former to realise the economic benefits of utilising gadgets such as mobile phones.



Our story

There are some challenges people, particularly, Zimbabweans have to overcome to fully realise the benefits of using the gadget. The cost of data, the digital divide etc.  These can only be overcome through engagement. Zimobile is that point of connection between ordinary citizens with policy makers, regulators and service providers.

It’s that virtual table where everyone speaks and everyone is heard. It gives stakeholders in the telecommunications sector that open and free discussion with ordinary citizens. Zimbabweans, through Zimobile, will get access to simplified information to, for example, make informed purchasing decisions. It is an indirect decider of citizens’ consumption behaviour as they get that often elusive opportunity to directly approach business.

The technology field is changing fast. Zimobile plays a crucial role is spreading and explaining the new technologies for the benefit of citizens. Zimbabweans need to make sense of technology and innovations. Additionally, Zimobile wants to ignite the spirit of tech entrepreneurship among young people. The future of technology lies in our young people.